We are passing through the Buda Hills and leave it on the west. We are visiting the ruined church in Zsámbék, and a little higher we will relax on one of the most beautiful terraces in Pest County, in the Matyi Culture Bistro, where we will taste the Matyi flavors while admiring the church and the Buda Hills. The price includes a burger and a drink.

An overview of the area around Budapest following popular attractions. In Pilisborosjenő we visit the Camel Rock and the model of the Eger Castle. In Pilisszántó we visit the Chapel of the Blessed Virgin, where the Star Trail leads. We roll back between the lakes of Pilisvörösvár. Optional stop in Pilisvörösvár at the Rotburger pizzeria and brewery. Ask for details!



Buda Hills from several points of view. First, we look at nature from a built environment, later we can look at the landscape and the surrounding settlements from several points. Along the way, we can have a picnic from the snacks that we bring with us with a wonderful panorama.



Up and down. Several times. Meanwhile, we can relax on beautiful meadows. In Visegrád we can also get a glimpse from  Nagy-Villám and the Panoramic road during the rolling. Later, after a short ride on the shore of the Danube, we will begin our 9 km ascent to the breathtaking Preacher’s Chair (Prédikálószék), during which we will ascent 500 m. We return to Szentendre via Pilisszentlászló. The price includes the entrance fee to the Zsitvay Lookout tower.


This tour is combining the Camel of Eger tour with the edge of the Buda Hills. It’s a little longer, with more elevation difference and more to see, but similarly to Hey Lali the focus is more on the experience of cycling.

Optional stop with bbq and craft beer at the Nagy Kohó in Nagykovácsi. Ask for details!

There is a hidden road up to the Lajos spring, where we can enjoy the taste of the cool water. On the way, we slow down at the Camel Rock, but now the focus is on riding rather than looking around. After refreshing, we decide whether to head towards Lom Hill or a stream and return via Pilisszántó. These are all ad-hock decisions upon on your wish to give you the most complete bringanatura experience!