About bringanatura

Bringanatura is a family business that offers self-forgetful time in nature. Everyone finds joy in it: the hikers; bikers who need a little help; adventurers who want to go on roads where they cannot do it on their own; groups of friends who just want to go out together and have fun; even athletes for whom an e-bike ride is an easy green zone workout.

Join us and be part of the unique experience of bringanatura!

Our team


Founder and soul of bringanatura – route planner and tour guide. He has M.Sc. in management&leadership and in regional and environmental economics. He speaks in German and English.


Backend supporter, meteorologist – marketing, communication, whatever comes up. She has Ph.D. in environmental sciences. She speaks in English.

by Gyula

The story of bringanatura

I spent a lot of time outdoors as a kid thanks to my parents and grandparents. My grandmother said I should have been a forester, maybe she was right, even though it wasn’t a serious option at the time of my career choice. We cycled a lot along the Danube in Soroksár and in the Bükk mountain. The latter was very defining, I probably fell in love with the mountains here. Although I am impressed by the sunlight playing on the water and the roar of the waves, I love the “rugged Carpathians” more.

Bükk trainsthe cyclist, especially the one who always longs for the top. I will never forget the big morning dilemma: long light asphalt; medium, steeper terrain; or an un-bikeable shorter push to the plateau. You have to alternate the choices, that’s for sure!

Towards the end of high school and during college, cycling was a bit in the background, but I hiked more and more on foot, alone and with friends as well. This reminded me again that training is not my primary goal, e.g. run faster, longer, but more to spend time in nature and visit more and more beautiful places. From here it was only one step to realize again that I could reach many more viewpoints, creek valleys and meadows in one day if I go by bike.

So biking came back into my life and became more and more dominant. After a good weekend, on Monday I was already thinking about where I was going to go on the weekend. I also tried to convince friends to join, which wasn’t easy, especially when it came to all-day trips. I felt in my vain that I had a huge desire to share (not online, in real space), I couldn’t get so much pleasure to my companions because the beautiful sights for them were somewhat overshadowed by the fatigue or the muscle fever the next day. Regardless, I never heard that “Gyula, you took me to a lame place.” :)

I started writing a blog so that I could share my experiences, if not in the way I like the most, and in the meantime, I tried to organize mtb tours with little success. In March 2020, like many of you, I lost my job and accidentally came up with an opportunity: they were looking for tour guides at a bike rental in Lake Balaton. I applied immediately, they picked me up. I got acquainted with e-bikes here. Whoever tried was fascinated about it. It was one of my happiest summers. I met a lot of people, as we had plenty of time to talk during a tour. I have come to realize that the e-bike will be the real tool to achieve my goal. Half year later, we started bringanatura in April 2021.

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