Impozáns látvány a Kőröshegyi Völgyhíd, amit e túra során majdnem minden lehetséges nézőpontból megtekintünk: A Balcsi felől mindkét oldalról, délről is két oldalról, valamint egy várból és alulról is. A jobbnál jobb völgyhidas kilátásokat erdőkön-mezőkön kötjük össze, és még egy rejtett forrás is útba esik. A túra végén, ahogy mindig, irány a Helka!

A taste of the treasures of the southern shore of Lake Balaton, which remain hidden from most visitors. Dense forests, fields, spring, lookouts. This hike is of medium length but very fast because the difference in level is small and almost half of the distance is asphalted.
We start from the Helka beergarden and brewery in Balatonföldvár and the first lookout point is with a panorama of Tihany. Later, we ride up and down a closed asphalt forest road and cross the Jaba stream for the first time at Jabapuszta. We will soon return to the shore of Lake Balaton, quenching our thirst with fresh spring water, and finally looking at Tihany again, but now from a slightly different perspective: from Kő Hill in Zamárdi. From here we return to Helka on the Roman road, where the first beer awaits us at half price.

Ezt az útvonalat a Helka Sörfőzde csapatával jártuk be nektek. Nem a legrövidebb, de nem is hosszú, így pont kellemesen kitikkadva érhetünk vissza a sörkertbe, miután ízelítőt kaptunk Somogyországból: Erdők, dombok, kilátók, mezők, szántók, lankák, völgyhíd és a Helka sörei egy sörkóstoló formájában. (Sörkóstoló nélkül 15000 Ft)

The south shore is just beach, lángos, and hake?! Well no! The hills of Somogy await excitement and fantastic trails. Follow the brinanatura now on our ancestors’ trail through forests, fields, and meadows, and you will have an unexpected experience at Lake Balaton!
We will meet in Balatonföldvár at the Helka Sörkert and head to Zamárdi, where we will have a beautiful panorama of Tihany on Kő Hill. From here we cycle to the eastern end of the Kőröshegy viaduct: Lake Balaton and the valley bridge. We arrive in Bálványos with an enjoyable rolling, from where we reach the remains of Fehérkő Castle via Pusztaszemes: again Lake Balaton and the valley bridge, but from a different point of view. Starting backward, we “climb up” to the highest point of Somogy county and roll down to Szólád among the carved statues of our ancestors. Passing through the wine cellars carved into a loess wall, we reach the western end of the viaduct. We return to the Helka Sörkert in Balatonfördvár, where the first beer awaits us at half price.

An entry experience into the world of bringanatura at the southern shores of  Lake Balaton. Even this short tour takes you away from the shore and shows you places that don’t even come to mind when you think about Lake Balaton! A five-star experience and a half-price local Helka beer are guaranteed.

The hills of Somogy are great not only because you can see Lake Balaton and the mountainous northern shore, but it is also much more than that. We follow historical adventurers through undisturbed forests and fields. An unexpected experience is guaranteed! If you are brave enough and have a flashlight you can climb into the cave and look around the rooms where these historical outlaw guys were hiding!
The meeting point is the Helka Beer Garden in Balatonföldvár. We will start our journey with a panoramic point, from where you can see the Tihany Peninsula completely from the front. Afterward, we get on the asphalted, closed forest road and roll for a long time, then we turn to the terrain, we can see the Hungarian sea from another beautiful viewpoint. From here, however, you can see also its wider surroundings. Once again, a forest roll follows, and we arrive at our first outpost, where the memory of the Horseshoe brothers is preserved by two trees. We touch Nyim, we hide through a geographic tunnel formation, and we are already on our way to the hiding cave of the former outlaws. Soon after, we fill our empty bottles with the water of the Cinege spring, and in Zamárdi we return to Balatonfördvár to Helka, where the first beer awaits us at half price.