A Bakony is kiváló bringás térség, gyönyörű hűs erdeiben könnyű és nehezebb túrákon is megmérettethetitek magatok. Az útvonalat igény szerint alakítjuk. A részletekről érdeklődj!

It is hot outside, but would you still do some outdoor activity? It would be nice to glide down a slope, but you don’t want to die uphill and a splash in some lake would be good on the way? Here’s the solution: the bringanatura e-mtb tour to Lake Palatinus to Dorog! We cycle to the lake, splash, swim, and decide whether to roll back or get on a train.

Even though we’re just going there and maybe back, we’ll still make a circle, in fact! If you like, we can also go to Strázsa Hill, from where we can see the Börzsöny, Slovakia, Esztergom as well as Nagy-Gete. Along the way, we definitely touch Pilisvörösvár, Piliscsaba, and Klastrompuszta, from where we look at the Chimney Rock formation, and the last settlement is the beautiful Kesztölc. These are connected by shady, cool forest roads. There are two beaches in Dorog, one grassy and one sandy, it is up to you to choose which place to relax for a few hours.

We can start from Hűvösvölgy or from the railway stations in Solymár and Pilisvörösvár. The participation fee includes the beach ticket and, in the case of trains, the fare. The tour details vary depending on the departure location and the train.