Three days e-biking at the Őrség


There is an upcoming long weekend in June due to Whit Monday, therefore we organize three e-bike tours in the Őrség. You can discover this unique and wonderful area of Hungary on guided bike tours (two easier and one harder) by bringanatura. Wandering around by bike in this peaceful area is giving the full countryside experience. Bikes give us freedom and the electrical assistance let us enjoy the panorama and sights of the Őrség.

Price per person: 60 000 HUF, before the 31st of March 55 000 HUF.
The price includes a tour guide and Cube e-mtb-s for three days.
The price excludes accommodation, meals, and optional admission fees (e.g: Skanzen entree fee).
Please indicate your interest by phone or e-mail (+36302587302 / ) and we can provide you with more details. As we work only with small groups we are flexible regarding the program.

Don’t hesitate to sign up now as we can have a maximum of 8 riders on this adventure – and we require a minimum of 4.


• Until 14th of May – full reimbursement
• Until 27th of May the cancellation fee is 20%
• Until 2nd of June the cancellation fee is 50%
• After 3rd of June- no reimbursement
  • 4th of June


    Departure: 09:00 Farkasfa

    An easy warm-up tour following the symbols of the ancient Őrség. The distance doesn’t seem short, but we won’t even notice the nearly 50km due to the flat terrain on mostly concrete. Planned sights: Ispánk Békeliget, Pankasz skirt bell tower, Őriszentpéter Árpádian church and Csörgőalma orchard, Open air museam, look-out point and bisons on Szalafő-Pityerszer

    Arrival: Farkasfa around 18:00

  • 5th of June


    Departure: 09:00 Farkasfa

    What do we cover on the most challenging tour of the Őrség weekend? Triple border (Austria-Slovenia-Hungary), lookout point, belfries, szatócsbolt (grocery strore with local delicacies) and Lake Hársas. Although this tour is full of attractions, the focus is more on  loose cycling. We are crossing both our own and country borders while riding mostly off road (about 55 km) with occasional short steep ascents and a total elevation difference of 1000m.

    Arrival: Farkasfa around 18:00

    5th of June

  • 6th of June


    Departure: 09:00 Bajánsenye

    Crusing through small villages of the Őrség for 40 km through easy terrain on concrete.
    Planned sights: belfry and wooden church in Magyarföld, Church of the Holy Trinity in Velemér, belfry and potteries in Magyarszombatfa, belfry in Kercaszomor

    Arrival: Bajánsenye around 16:00

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